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Baltra Trellis Electric Dosa Maker at Rs. 1782/- |

Fatima Ansari

What to make for breakfast? The most difficult question every wife and mother faces. Something that will be tasty. At the same time healthy. Dosas are one such dish. Perfect for healthy breakfasts. Dealstan brings you Baltra Trellis Electric Dosa Maker . The Baltra Trellis Electric Dosa Maker is just for INR 1782/-. Available only on

How to buy Baltra Trellis Electric Dosa Maker at Rs. 1782 /- at

  1. Shop for Baltra Trellis Electric Dosa Maker.
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. Or combine with other purchases and click on place order.

The actual price of the Baltra Trellis Electric Dosa Maker is INR 2200/-. You save INR 418/-. The Baltra Trellis Electric Dosa Maker will help you to prepare yummy breakfast. For your family. And snacks for your breakfast. You can even make pancakes. Children love pancakes. The Baltra Trellis Electric Dosa Maker is non stick. This quality doesn’t need you to use too much oil. It is non stick so it heats up quickly. And in return it gives crispy, delicious dosas. The Baltra Trellis Electric Dosa Maker is durable. Because of the high quality materials used. It operates on 1500W power. This enables it not to use too much power. At the same time great speed and efficacy. The temperature can be adjusted as per need. The handle is cool touch. This makes it easy to handle. It is easy to clean and trouble free.

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