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Zovi Mens Polo Tshirts now at Lowest Price of Rs 299 – Extra 15% off

Unlike girls, guys like making shopping quick and fast. And unlike girls again, they will want to spend on things that would fetch them quantity for money, without burning a hole in their pockets. Dealstan brings you one such deal and give you a chance to buy mens polo tshirts and other men’s wear. Now you can buy mens polo tshirts from Zovi at extra 15% off, prices starting at as low as INR 296/- only. 

How to Buy Mens Polo Tshirts at Rs 299 from Zovi:

  1. Check the category at Zovi from here.
  2. Select color, size and click on add to cart.
  3. Click on place order.

Some of the recommended t-shirts to buy from Zovi:

Black Zovi T-shirt at Rs 299, apply coupon code: EXTRA15

Mustard Seed and Woven Strip Polo T-shirt at Rs 299, apply coupon code: EXTRA15

Zovi Indian Green Solid Polo T-shirt at Rs 299, apply coupon code: EXTRA15

Zovi Sunset Yellow and Woven Strip Polo T-shirt at Rs 299, apply coupon code: EXTRA15

Now isn’t that an ideal money saver deal. You can shop for vintage graphic printed tees or a collage of graphics printed tees or even for solid coloured polo tees with applique embroidery on one side. Polo tees consists of smart and trendy colours like red, green, blue, yellow, black, orange and son on. Apart from t-shirts, you will also find denims styled in different fits. Slim fits, straight fits, distressed denims and a lot more are distinct to this collection. Checkered shirts in smart contrasting colours and rockstar smart reversible jackets are also a part of this discount. Apart from these, you will also find belts, briefs, cardigans and a lot more to choose from.

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