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Buy Pack of 2 Chinos at Lowest Price for Rs 956 Only from Ebay


Guys, now buy Pack of 2 Chinos at Lowest Price from Ebay at Rs. 956 Only! Also, these chinos are 10% Cotton and quite comfortable to wear. Chino Trouser combos are are available in multicolored style.

How to Buy Pack of 2 Chinos at Lowest Price for Rs. 956 Only from Ebay:

  1. Click to buy now.
  2. Select chino and add it to cart.
  3. Proceed for payment and clear the amount.

All the Chino trousers has waistband and loops, buttoned fly closure at front, two insert pockets in front and a coin pocket in the right insert pocket, two insert pockets at the back.

All Chino are from Basic Edition Brand.

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Rs 956
Rs 956