Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale 24th Dec to 1st Jan – Flipkart Offer

Sonali Singh

With the dusk of the year 2013, en enchanting dawn of a yet another new year 2014 is waiting the other side. It is sure to drench us all in its new and fresh energy. This passing year will certainly end in a boom and a bash as the festivity is on its maximum heat. The very jovial and prismatic Christmas has already filled the ambience with ripples of joy and charm. And the year 2014 is all set to unveil pleasant surprises. Flipkart.com, an online shopping portal brings to you, offer from anything to everything. Check out for the Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale and get anything that you can imagine of.


How to avail offers on Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale?

  1. Shop on Flipkart.com to get offers on everything.
  2. Browse, pick and click on BUY NOW.
  • Offers valid from 24th Dec, 2013 to 1st of Jan, 2014.

This Christmas and the new year season, wait not to bag home offers that are highly profitable and rewarding. Flipkart brings this super dhamaka sale this December that will last from 24th of Dec to the 1st of Jan. So before the year 2014 starts, get everything that you have been wanting for quite always. And it was always the obnoxious prices that kept you away from it. Well fan each curbed wish and check out for the most fanciest of the deals. Offers on electronics, apparels, kids wear, kitchen and home appliances, health and nutrition, phones and tablets, shoes and foot wear, books, laptops, home decor, handbags, jewelry and the list goes on.

Browse through the offers and filter your search to get the customized thing. Like you can bag home the sexiest of the smart phones and iphones from Samsung, Apple, Sony and other smartphone giants, if you are really the tech-savvy kind.


Nurture your geeky instincts with the most affordable laptops that are showcased with the best offer of Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale. Laptops from all the established giants are displayed. Dell, Lenovo, HCL, HP and what not.


Watches are known to be one’s best companions. Get watches from the exotic brands on Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale. Other accessories like belts, wallets, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags etc. are your way to be bagged at lowest of the prices.

Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale

Offers on apparels and attires are mouth watering. Choose from sexy and tempting dresses for girls that include jeans, jeggings, tops, t-shirts, kurtis, winter wear etc. Also check for smart clothing for men to earn the cool-dude look.

Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale

Get books on almost everything. Browse through a huge online library and get books from grandma’s tales to award winning books. From books on cookery to books on philosophy.

Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale

Get the most luscious of the fragrances on Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale. Perfumes from the most naughty aromas to the tantalizing and delicious fragrances.

Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale

The Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale has everything you need and want. It also includes other items like muti-tool key-chains, power tool kits, electronic screw drivers, stubby sets, HDMI gaming cables, etc. Embellish your homes and lives with the super sale by flipkart.

Flipkart Welcome 2014 Super Sale

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