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Do you often find yourself running out of batteries? And it happens usually then, when you need it the most. Well now get you gadgets charging anywhere anytime. Now, the savior of such situations the Romoss PH40-105 eUSB Sofun 4 charger is here to remedy you. The smart charger eases you out of all the hassle of dying battery and hence providing you a safe option to charge your gadgets. Get the smart Romoss PH40-105eUSB 4 charger that is brought to you by It comes to you at highly affordable price.

How to get the Romoss PH40-105 eUSB Sofun 4 Charger?

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Romoss PH40-105 eUSB Sofun 4 Charger

The Romoss PH40-105 eUSB Sofun 4 Charger is an emergency power bank that facilitates you to charge your electronic gadgets anytime and anywhere. The superb innovative charger is a take home piece and buy Romoss PH40-105 eUSB Sofun 4 Charger  now as it has an internal built-in 10400mAh battery capacity. It never leaves you distressed in those urgent crisis of batteries. The super smart charger is blended with a box design that gives you the ease to carry the smart gadget.

Just slip it in your purse or in your pocket and your are safe and shielded against those emergencies. The perfect power bank is crafted out of ABS alloy plastic which makes it a highly durable and robust charger.Its Multi-Compatibility feature makes it highly compatible with numerous gadgets. So, you can enjoy your journeys without the fear of exhaustion of the battery of your phone or Mp3 player. Smartly armed with LED Flash light, it has Synchronous Charging and Discharging. It is highly compatible with Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Digital DV, iPad, Digital Camera, PSP, Phone and MP3. Also equipped with Smart Sleep Function and Seamless Ultrasonic Splicing, it just a charger to bag home.

Product Details:

  • High-capacity Samsung Cell, Smart Sleep Function.
  • MM Design Philosophy, Seamless Ultrasonic Splicing.
  • Powerful Booster Chip, Multiple Protection.
  • Ergonomic RCF Design, eUSB Internationally Patented Technology.
  • Synchronous Charging and Discharging, Rapid Charging, Plug and Charge.
  • Compatible with Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Digital DV, iPad.
  • Digital Camera, PSP, Phone and MP3.

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