1.5L Kenwood Smoothie Blender at Rs. 700 off!

Sowmya Nair

Stop! Stop being super busy and think. Are you and your family having your daily dose of fruits every day? Because of a busy work-life are you compromising on nutrition? We hope you are not. There’s nothing more important than good health and nutrition. Invest in a 1.5L Kenwood Smoothie Blender and never miss breakfast. How about a tall glass of rich fruit smoothie for breakfast every morning? Stock up some fruits over the weekend and finish it all over the week. How about some strawberries? Maybe a few bananas? Smoothies are quick to make, 100% natural and just way too healthy than most other breakfast options.

Make healthy smoothies for yourself and yummy fun ones for your kids. Buy 1.5L Kenwood Smoothie Blender for just Rs. 3,695 today!

How to buy 1.5L Kenwood Smoothie Blender at Rs. 700 off:

1.5L Kenwood Smoothie Blender

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The 1.5L Kenwood Smoothie Blender has a powerful 500W motor, 1.5 Lt capacity and 2 speed plus pulse options. It also looks chic and will blend well in your modern kitchen. The high quality stainless steel blades and 360 degree stir stick ensures best texture of ice, fruit, yogurt and ice cream to create delicious smoothies to enjoy any time. There is also a handy tap for pouring the smoothie into the glass.

Product Specifications:

Brand :Kenwood
Model :SB-266
Type :Smoothie Maker

Technical Specifications

  • Wattage :500 Watts
  • Weight :2.4 Kg
  • Dimensions (H X W X L): 42.2 X 19.9 X 23.9 cms
  • Goblet material :Plastic
  • Body material :Plastic
  • WARRANTY: 1 year manufacturer warranty

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