12 Pairs of Ankle Sports Socks from Maniacstore at Offer of Rs 269

Neha Jain

Keep your feet sweat free all day long wearing these set of ankled sports socks. 12 -piece set of socks from the house of Rick n Frank. Made of poly cotton, these skin friendly socks will keep you comfortable all day long. The ribbed cuffs will give you a perfect fit. These socks will look perfect with your casual attire. You can wear this socks while jogging, gyming or in any workout session. You can avail this set of socks from maniacstore.com in just Rs 269 and can save a huge amount. Ideal for casual wear too,  the classic appeal of the  ankle sock makes it an excellent option for pairing with jeans. And in business or formal settings too,  these cotton socks can be worn with desire shoes. For endless wear options and the style you know, consider these  Ankle Socks, 12 Pairs to your sock drawer today.

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12 Pairs of Ankle Sports Socks from Maniacstore at Offer of Rs 269
This set of  socks is available in different colors and its a unisex socks so that every one can use it without any difficulty. They can be worn with running shoes, sneakers or even loafers and are a useful addition to your wardrobe. When fully extended, the socks come up to the ankle. A fitted heel and toe reinforces this sock for many repeat wears.It increases overall durability and prevents sock slippage.

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Rs 269