18 PC Shaving Travel Case Kit Just at Rs 699 Only – 48% OFF


If you are man who travels frequently, you probably know the value of packing light. But having said that, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for some cheap grooming items. Behold Gentlemen, we present to you 18 PC Shaving Travel Case Kit Just at Rs 699 Only-Grooming yourself on the go hasn’t been this easy and stylish. This kit set is chosen as the Must Have that gives you smooth and velvety shave and takes care of your skin.


How to buy 18 PC Shaving Travel Case Kit Just at Rs 699 Only

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Your shaving kit might take up a lot of space in your bathroom, but that necessarily doesn’t mean it will take up a huge space in your luggage. The Shaving Travel Case kit was developed especially to cater to those who travel often and was made to fit all the security guidelines. You won’t have to worry about getting your quality shave cream and moisturizer confiscated with this kit. Though the security officers may gawk at it and take extra time examining it, you can rest assured that this is out of envy and not an infringement of the travel guidelines. In fact, make sure you keep an eye on this, since this envy may cause them to consider taking it for their own pile of booty.

When you are traveling, it is bound to be uncomfortable. You usually don’t sleep in a comfortable bed with all your familiar surroundings. It is nice to know that when all your routines and rituals are disrupted for your travel schedule, you will still have the same level of quality in a shave that you experience at home. The attractive travel shave kit includes the moisturizer, face towel, nail clippers, tooth brush, tooth paste, face wash, perfume body spray, hand wash, shampoo, hair oil, small scissor, pocket comb, the shave cream and brush, and the pre shave oil, leaving room for a quality razor as well in a water resistant stylish bag. This is your entire grooming process sized down and you don’t have to go without for one day. It is important when you are feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable to be able to have the same shave you experience at home.


Key Features:

  • Brand New Made With High Quality SHAVING KIT TRAVEL BAG PACK.
  • Water resistant interior and bottom.
  • Top zipper design for easy access.
  • Face Towel.: 33cm X 21 cm apx.
  • Branded Toothpest : 18 gms.
  • Tooth Brush : 18th Cms apx.
  • Nail Cutter with Key ring ( stainless steel) : 4.5 cm.
  • Removable Blade standard shaver ( as shown in snaps) : 12 cms, Blade Size : 4 cm.
  • Shaving Foam Brush : Height 12 cms, Bristel 6 cm.
  • Tooth brush case with press lock : 20 cms.
  • Plastic Pocket Comb : 12.5 cms.
  • Shaving Cream : 30 gms.
  • Mens Perfume body Spray : 75 ml.
  • Hand wash : 40 ml ( in plastice container )
  • Moisturing lotion : 40 ml.
  • Shampoo : aloevera 40 ml.
  • Herbal Hair Oil : 40 ml.
  • After Shave lotion : 40 ml.
  • Face Wash : 40 ml.
  • Small Scissor : 10.5 cm.
  • Attractive Zipper Cary Case.
  • 1 month Vendor Warranty only against manufacturing defect.



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