2 Umbrellas Combo – Jorss Lovely Black for Rs. 349 – 77% Off

Sowmya Nair

Monsoons are here. Time for oodles of rain, and time for the earth to quench all of its thirst. Thank god for ending hot sweaty summer. Monsoons are loved by all. There’s nothing like have a cuppa in your cozy place while it rains heavily outside. Now the real problem comes when you have to step out. Rains, as beautiful as they are, carry a number of diseases. Get wet one evening and you can be sure to wake up with a cold or even worse, the flu. Hey, we are not asking you to not enjoy rain. We just want you to be safe. Carry an umbrella, do the rain dance and still be safe! This 2 Umbrellas Combo is a good deal to come by at this time of the year. Buy this combo – one umbrella for yourself and the other for your loved one. Step out a embrace the romance in the rains.

Buy 2 Umbrellas Combo – Jorss Lovely Black for Rs. 349:

2 Umbrellas Combo

  1. Buy 2 Umbrellas Combo – Jorss Lovely Black from SnapDeal
  2. Click on BUY
  3. Apply Snapdeal coupon code FASHION to get additional 25% off

Buy 2 Umbrella Combo – Jorss Lovely Black for just Rs. 349. That’s a 53% + another 25% off! Save Rs. 650. Must buy, we have nothing else to say!

Product Description:

  • Brand: Jorss Radiant unisex umbrella combo
  • Combo contains 2 umbrellas
  • Colour: Black outside and Silver inside
  • Material: Polyester
  • Pole stretch height: 45 cm
  • Folding size: 30 cm
  • Expanding size: 88 cm diameter
  • UV protection for all time usage
  • Waterproof and non stick material
  • Comfortable gripped brown handle 2 fold lightweight umbrella for all weather

3 Responses to “2 Umbrellas Combo – Jorss Lovely Black for Rs. 349 – 77% Off”

  1. reddyBhaskar

    Bam Bam Bole…
    Is message ko 5 log ko forward kariye aur Aapki Manokamna poori ho jayegi is shaniwar tak!! 🙂

  2. Bangalore’s weather sucks these days….:/
    I wonder when can we use umbrellas for their real purpose…”Rainy days”


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