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The noble ‘Earth’ has given the human beings incredible and beautiful nature. Be it mountains, rivers, forests or various natural resources that have helped us to survive. Isn’t it time to save our planet from the challenges that are threatening its existence? presents 2014 New Year Diaries that will help us think and ponder how we as educated beings can save our Planet Earth. The beauty of the calendar lies in the green colour code that has been used marvellously well from the cover to the inside pages. You will see heart-warming pictures on the various ways to Save the Earth on each and every inside page. To make this message reach to a wide set of audience, Flipkart offers you discounts too on the calendar. So if you want to contribute to the Mother Earth in the smallest way possible, then place an order of the 2014 New Year Diaries and gift it to your friends, children and family members. It will be a heartening way to impress and deliver the eco-friendly message.

How to buy 2014 New Year Diaries and Calendars?

Some of the Unique diaries collection.


The Earth has lived in harmony for centuries ago. Its time to protect it from any harm. 2014 New Year Diaries from Flipkart are a wonderful way to understand the ways in which the Earth can be nurtured. Hug a tree, think of bicycles as rideable art, recycle garbage, conserve water….so many ways of eco-friendly action done by us that will go a long way to safeguard our Earth. The Square Desk Calendar urges people to start saving and stop abusing our Natural Resources like Water, Trees, Power, Soil, Animals, Oceans, Paper, Forests, Climate, Mountains, Fuel and Earth.

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Key Features :

  • Type : Ruling.
  • No of Pages : 70.

Dimensions : 

  • Length : 8.26 inch.
  • Breadth : 5.82 inch.

Special features :

  • Unique and Innovative.
  • Specially Designed to Capture Interesting Visuals in the Light as Well as in Darkness.
  • Matte Finish Covers.
  • The Book Must be Exposed to Light Before It is Seen in the Dark.
  • Paper Features: High Brite Paper, Stronger, Superior Quality.

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