3 Pairs of Adidas Sports Socks now @ Rs. 169 ONLY!


With movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag just around the corner, people who are greatly inspired by bollywood are sure to take notice and try to awaken the athlete inside them too! They will try to run, sweat and get in shape before that boiling point where they decide that they are no good use for this and will quit! But you are not a quitter! You are a leader! You are an optimist!

You are a positivist! And you will run everyday, every morning, several kilometers and will never back down from getting that perfect shape! And you will do that wearing any one of your 3 Pairs of  Adidas Sports Socks now only at Rs. 169! It’s better than going to the gym everyday and it’s certainly better than spending thousands there to get in shape. Just wear them on and keep running! I know you can do it!

3 Pairs of Adidas Sports Socks

How to get 3 Pairs of Adidas Sports Socks at Rs. 169 only

1. Get your 3 Pairs of Adidas Sports Socks from here.
2. Select your quantity and click on ‘ADD TO CART‘.
3. Be a winner!

Sports for many becomes a nightmare as they are good at none. But there is one sport that anyone can do. Running! Everyone knows how to run! Just set yourself, be on your marks and get going! Get going for that fitness in any one of your 3 Pairs of Adidas Sports Socks that you get a huge discount at the price of Rs. 169!

One hundred percent Cotton sports socks which can be used while doing anything like gyming, running, cycling or can be used as daily wear also! These are available in Black, grey and white. You can even match these socks with your shoes like white one goes with the white shoes and like wise! Pure cotton socks that keep your feet comfortable in the hottest and coldest of days! What more do you want? Go grab your 3 Pairs of Adidas Sports Socks at only Rs. 249!

2 Responses to “3 Pairs of Adidas Sports Socks now @ Rs. 169 ONLY!”

  1. Ekambar

    I function at a golf course plus grass plus sand plus water gets into my boots all of the time plus has all my socks searching nasty, What’s how to turn them white again? These are generally white plus black thus bleach wouldn’t function right?

  2. Adway

    I go thru socks like crazy; possibly considering I walk about without boots thus much. However lately it appears which following 3 or wearings I receive a hole inside the heel.


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