30 pcs Storage container set at Rs 1249 – 58% OFF

Sowmya Nair

Buy 30 pcs Storage container set from StarCj.com at 58% off. Say hello to a beautifully color coded kitchen. And enough number of containers to store everything you want!

How to buy 30 pcs Storage container set at Rs 1249:

Storage container set

  1. Buy 30 pcs Storage container set from StarCj.com
  2. Click on ORDER
  3. Apply StarCj.com coupon code 0781 to get this fro Rs. 1,249

Too many open masala packets lying around? Well, that’s what happens when you don’t have enough container to store it all. Here’s a savior deal from StarCj.com. Buy 30 pcs storage container set and organize your kitchen beautifully. Not just kitchen, these containers can also be used in any kind of storage related facilities.

It’s irritating when you don’t have enough containers to store things in the kitchen. Thanks to the delicious Indian food we cook, its so important to have so many different masala. Doesn’t matter if you are a north Indian or South Indian, you will end up having just way many things you’d like stored in air tight containers. Its frustrating to work from packets all the time. Store all your masalas in the light containers. Atta and besan in the big containers. Also, one for normal rice and the other for Basmati rice. Imagine a beautifully organized kitchen? Looks like heaven, doesn’t it? Buy this storage container set and that heaven could be your kitchen!

Store food items in these containers and arrange them in your kitchen. It will be great to pick just the right container whenever you are looking for something. You could even use stickers to organised these. Leave the often used container out and rest of it inside the cabinet. Save so much time! No more looking through so many different packets to find that one pinch of garam masala. No more throwing away stale masala or atta. Keep it all fresh for many days with the smell intact!


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  1. Asiya

    but instead i go over that limit i have a metro pcs any tips?

  2. Heath

    We are a military family plus have not had to move because the kids began school. We must wait regarding 30 days for the vehicle plus home goods to arrive found on the mainland. And we have no family inside the region. We should receive the kids to school, spouse to function, plus we’ll have an clear house! I learn we’re not truly the only military family which has moved inside the center of the school year. We would appreciate any answers plus information! Thanks!


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