32GB Transcend MicroSDHC Class 10 Premium Card For Rs 1,329



Now, make a huge space to add the unlimited stuff  in your mobile phones with 32GB Transcend MicroSDHC Class 10 Premium Card and that also , for just Rs 1,329 . With this card , you would be able to download as many apps you want to in your smartphones , movies and all the other important data in a secured way .

How to buy a 32GB Transcend MicroSDHC Class 10 Premium Card for Rs 1,329:

Now you have a huge storage space for all your smartphones , tablets and even your digital cameras . Also it comes with a feature of built in error correction code that automatically detects and fixes any transfer error if arises . It also supports ultra high speed class 1 specification .

You can now easily download all those HD movies , games and of course the unlimited apps . you can also upgrade your memory using this 32GB Transcend MicroSDHC Class 10 Premium card . Make the most of it , and now download as many stuff as possible . And the space , too , you are not going to come short . With this amazing 32GB SDHC card inserted in your phones , tablets or cameras , there can be so much of stuff installed already .

You can easily transfer the data of this SDHC card to your computers , laptops or share with your friends . So hurry up guys , you are not going to get such an amazing offer of buying this amazing Premium card .   Get this amazing 32GB Transcend MicroSDHC class 10 Premium Card at just Rs 1,329 . Do not miss the offer friends , and order this amazing card today . The card will be delivered at your doorsteps in 3-4 days  itself.

Product Details:


Width 15 mm
Thickness 1 mm
Weight 0.4 gm



Op. Voltage 2.7V~3.6V
Op. Temperature -25 Degree C(-13 Degree F) ~ 85 Degree C(185 Degree F)
Durability 10,000 insertion/removal cycles



3 Years Manufacturer Warranty

2 Responses to “32GB Transcend MicroSDHC Class 10 Premium Card For Rs 1,329”

  1. Champak

    If you have a miniDV camcorder including a panasonic gs320 are you able to record onto an sdhc card rather of the miniDV tape plus how do we do it? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank we?

  2. Namya

    I simply purchased the memory card kit for my cellular phone however i have no idea where to place it into the computer. It is a Sandisk microSDHC card with reader. The model when the computer is an apple imac. The computer plus the monitor are 1.


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