4 TB External Hard Disk from Seagate Central Shared Storage – Rs 17861

Neha Jain

Dealstan presents you the External Hard Disk from Seagate Central Shared storage . You can’t enjoy what you can’t find. But when you load your photos, movies, music and documents onto Central, all your files will be organized in one spot where they’re easy to access. Once you gret your  Central hard disk , you can enjoy your movies, music and photos with ease and you can enjoy at your home network such as media players, game consoles and smart TVs.  Upload and back up photos and video from tablets and smartphones anywhere and be tension free with your lost documents. What the Central lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in ease of use and through its handy apps for accessing the drive from an iOS or Android device.

How to get this External Hard Disk at discounted price of Rs 17861?

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4 TB External Hard Disk from Seagate Central Shared Storage - Rs 17861

It affords access from all of the computers on your network, as well as remote machines via the Internet, and—via some Seagate apps—mobile devices and even a few HDTVs.The Central makes it easy to access your stuff over your home network, as well as back up your social-media images to a local drive. Its Gigabit Ethernet speeds impressed, too. The drive’s oversimplified approach to network storage makes folder sharing a hassle. Get this offer from Flipkart.com at Rs 17861.

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Rs 21000
Rs 17861