50 Voltage Stabilizer V-Guard VGSD For Rs 1,085


We can never trust our government to provide us regular voltage supplies . And the irregular voltage supplies tend to damage your electric appliances like refrigerators , air conditioners etc . But , do not worry now ,  this 50 Voltage Stabilizer V-Guard VGSD will help you for the safety of all your electric appliances .vol

How to buy 50 Voltage Stabilizer V-Guard VGSD For RS 1,085:

  1. Get 50 Voltage  Stabilizer V-Guard VGSD for Rs 1,085 .
  2. Click on ” buy now “.

The 50 Voltage Stabilizer V-Guard VGSD helps to protect the connected electric appliances from those voltage fluctuations. You spend so much of your money to buy those expensive products , but then what , because of the irregular supplies , our appliances start getting damage or problems start to arise . So , its better that you should keep them safe before handed only .  This 50 Voltage Stabilizer V-Guard comes loaded with the functions like high voltage cut off protection . It helps you to save your product from any kind of damages . Now , you can easily take care of your expensive air conditioners , refrigerators . And it becomes special than those ordinary voltage stabilizers . And especially to keep your refrigerators work properly for years , it is must to equip your electric appliances with voltage stabilizer . And , you are not going to get such a stabilizer in this rate that is only Rs 1085 .  If you go looking for the product , the rates will definitely be double .So , order today this wonderful product and keep your electric appliances really safe .

Product Details:

  • Compatible with Devices- Refrigerator
  • Performance Features-upto 300 L
  • Other Performance Features 3 m +/- 20 sec ITDSPower FeaturesMaximum Spike Current (A) 
  • Other Power Features 130 – 290 V Working Range (I / P)
  • Color- available in multi colors
  • warranty – 5 years


2 Responses to “50 Voltage Stabilizer V-Guard VGSD For Rs 1,085”

  1. is this voltage stabilizer will take enough load for my tv?
    i have sony tv which i bought in 2004.

  2. It’s a General Electric appliance as well as its for a apartment today how much would an electric plus gas stove would weight


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