Celestron Land and Sky 50mm Telescope for Rs. 1949


Are you fond of star gazing? Like to watch the shy and the stars at night for fun? Or are a nature lover and like spotting and observing exotic birds on tours and treks? Or like fast moving sports and like to see the action up close? Then the Celestron Land and Sky 50mm Telescope is your gateway to your perfect get away. Now enjoy watching scenic landscapes with this powerful telescope and don’t let any precious moment go by unnoticed. This easy to handle telescope will provide ample opportunities for you to enthrall your heart. Perfect for any traveler, sports enthusiast or any nature lover who likes calm and peace. This amazing Celestron Land and Sky 50mm Telescope comes to you by snap deal for only Rs.4500 1949. How?? This is How:


How to get the Celestron Land and Sky 50mm Telescope for Rs. 1949:

Now fun days are never too far. With the Celestron Land and Sky Telescope you can watch your favorite sports live and up close without missing any exciting moment. Catch beautiful views in the valleys sitting in your balcony on a trek or observe birdds and animals in their natural habitat without disturbance. Out to travel? Get this Celestron Land and Sky 50mm Telescope now…

Product Specification:

  • 600 mm Focal Length
  • Easy to Use
  • Portable
  • Land and Sky Telescope
  • 3 x 20 Finderscope
  • 4 Eyepieces
  • Celestron LAND AND SKY 50MM Telescope allows you to gaze at the night sky or enjoy scenic landscapes. You can clearly view landscapes, birds, sports and night sky. It is quick and easy to set up and use. This 50 mm Land and Sky Telescope is very portable too.
  • Celestron LAND AND SKY 50MM Telescope has 3 x 20 Finderscope and allows 90 degree diagonal angle for comfortable viewing. The tripod is full size adjustable. The telescope includes 4 Eyepieces of 3Ox, 50x, 100x and 150x powers.
  • It has 600 mm Focal Length. The Focal Length is 600 mm. A focal length is the distance from a telescope’s objective element (lens or primary mirror) to the point where rays of light from the objective converge to a focus. It is measured in inches or millimetres. Longer focal lengths will have more capacity for high magnification but thinner fields of view than shorter focal lengths. For example, a telescope with a focal length of 2000mm has twice the power and half the field of view of a 1000mm telescope when using the same eyepiece.

2 Responses to “Celestron Land and Sky 50mm Telescope for Rs. 1949”

  1. Achintya

    My club is certainly interested inside getting a telescope. It will be wise to add inside the bills inside US$ plus alternative accessories required plus the requirements of the telescope suggested. Thanks! 🙂
    My nation has very bad light pollution.

  2. I point a telescope at a full moon 1 evening thus which the moon is focused inside the eyepiece, plus I leave the telescope secured inside this position. If I recognize properly, the moon might shift a limited levels every evening either north or south of the east-west line, thus found on the 2nd day the moon are not focused inside the eyepiece. After how numerous days can the moon (any phase) be focused inside the telescope again? How lengthy before the upcoming full moon is focused inside this telescope?


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