8GB SDHC Memory Card Class 4 Transcend Rs. 295 & Sandisk at Rs.309


Get exciting offers on memory cards. Shopping at rediff is always fun and advantageous too. 8GB SDHC Memory card from transcend and sandisk are available at good discounts. Take information wherever you go. A memory card is always handy. These 8GB SDHC memory card s are fast, reliable and efficient. Here is how you can purchase them.

How to buy 8GB SDHC Memory card class 4 transcend Rs.295 and Sandisk at Rs.309:

  1. Go to shopping.rediff.com.
  2. Shop for 8GB SDHC memory card. 
  3. Use rediff coupon code GET150. 
  4. Click on Add to cart.
  5. Free Shipping.
  6. Delivery in 6 business days.

Memory cards are used in various ways. They can store lots of data, thousands of videos and millions of pictures. These are portable storage devices. They are of maximum use in cameras, phones and tablets. The 8GB SDHC memory card has more storage compared to the others. Transcend and sandisk are very prominent brands. 8GB SDHC memory card can handle upto 3000 photos. These cards are essential for cameras. They are quick in capturing the information, processing and storing as a picture. Sandisk is a certified 100% fast memory card. The 8GB SDHC memory card can also be locked. One can protect the data in it by locking it. These cards can handle rough handling. Their work performance is excellent. An 8 GB SDHC memory card is an ideal storage card for anyone. Be it an amateur, enthusiast or professional. It can also be used as an extra.Get incredible discounts. A Class 4 Transcend at Rs.295. A sandisk card at Rs.309. There is a discount up to 54%. Do remember to use the rediff coupon code GET150. Make a purchase now. Happy Shopping!


Product Description:


Speed performance rating: Class 4.
Supports SDHC compatible host devices.
Non-volatile solid-state.
No moving parts maximizes battery power.
Data is not lost when power is turned off.
Low battery consumption to maximize battery life.
User selectable mechanical write.
Protect switch on the exterior card casing.
Operating shock rating of 2,000Gs.
Equivalent to a 10-foot drop to the floor.
Security level complies with both current and future.
Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) portable device requirements.


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