9 Litre Morphy Richards OTG 09 SS For Rs 2,427

9 Litre Morphy Richards OTG 09 SS -OTG is Oven-Toaster-Griller. It is a mini oven which can be used to bake cakes, toast bread, and also reheat small amounts of food . and cookies OTG is your best bet. But if you buy the OTG, you need not buy a toaster, and a grill. That saves you some money right away.


 How to get 9 Litre Morphy Richards OTG 09 SS for Rs 2,427

  1. Get 9 Litre Morphy Richards OTG 09 SS at Rs 2,427
  2. Shipping:Free surface delivery-nationwide land transposrt delivery
  3. Replacement and refund for this product is covered

An OTG is for those who consider cooking to be well worth the effort and time. There are those who like their food to cook gradually so that the ingredients used are well cooked and the flavor is mingled and balanced. Clearly, an OTG is for those who enjoy whipping up those indescribably delicious delicacies. Here’s something that will get the non-cooking population interested.9 Litre Morphy Richards OTG 09 SS  is a very affordable option. It can cost you peanuts.

Great for making kebabs, paneer tikkas, etc.Consumes less electricity, ensures that the food remains at the right temperature and retains the nutritional value. Roasting is very useful for roasting foodstuff  like peanuts, browning meat, etc.The light inside the chamber allows you to see inside the oven while the food is being cooked and check on its cooking status.So guys surprise your mom this season with Morphy Richards OTG or encourage your siblings to become a next master chef .even if you are not non enthusiastic home baker,try this you will love cooking for your loved ones,cooking was never so delighting


  • Brand: Morphy Richards
  • Type: Grill
  • Capacity: 9 liters
  •  Warrenty Duration :Manufacturers  2 years warrenty

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  1. It’s a jet stream by Morphy Richards. How long do they last? Does it lose colour when needing to be replaced? I’ve had it for a year now. I think it’s still working ok, but the iron itself can leak some water.


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