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Deepika Dewan

Colorful candles, blasting crackers, yummy sweets and precious warmth. Its time for the festival of lights. Take your festive spirit to rocking heights as Snapdeal.com presents Traditional Diwali Gift Offer. Diwali Bumper Sale which gives you most beautiful and ethnic diyas, temples and thaalis making your worship rustic and colourful.   

How to buy Traditional Diwali Gift Offer?

diya temple

When its time for Diwali, there are two things one wishes for – prosperity and good luck. Lakshmi-Ganesh puja plays a very important aspect in Diwali festival. Therefore, worship of Goddess of Wealth and God of Wisdom is a must in order to seek wisdom and prosperity in your home. Snapdeal’s Traditional Diwali Gift Offer fulfills your wish in the best possible way. See Rajasthani craftsmanship at work in the festival. A splendid and exquisite designer urli diya which has terracotta statues of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh resting on seven gel filled diyas. Plus a glorious temple with five gel filled diyas. And a simple earthen painted diya with gel coating inside. Perfect gift combo to offer auspicious materials for Diwali puja like flowers, sandalwood, kumkum, aroma sticks and diya. Aapno Rajasthan Diwali creations make your worship a truly touching event by taking Rajasthani handicraft to every home & heart. Today, they offer a wide range of amazing & extensive handcrafted gift items for all kinds of occasions.

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  1. If you are either living, functioning or studying abroad, how do we enjoy Diwali? How much is the Indian population inside a city? How do we enjoy additional Hindu festivals?


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