The Absolute Insane Christmas Merry Making!

Deepika Dewan

Did you ever hear of the good old ‘Penguins’ celebrating Christmas in South Korea? Sounds crazy, but it is true. Did you ever hear of the ‘Christmas pickle’, a blown glass ornament cleverly hidden by German families in a hard-to-see spot in a Christmas tree? No we are not going out of our mind but because the premise is wild – the first child who finds the pickle on Christmas morning wins a special gift and good luck throughout the next year.


There is a bagful of unusual and heart-warming stories that will last till the next Christmas. But what is unique this time is the flavour of Christmas gifts for families across India.

Yes, a typical Goan family on Christmas Eve dishes out a sumptuous dinner consisting of turkey, pork dish, fruit cake, and port wine. Add to it some chocolate truffles, cookies and bouquets and that makes a perfect way of welcoming Santa home. But to make it a unique and a memorable affair requires a bit of imagination and skilled hands to put the show together.CHGWD1372Yes, the Malls shall be witnessing a huge traffic of people of all castes and creed who wish to shop for confectionery, wine, Christmas baskets and Santa stockings. However, it looks special and awesome if you make a homemade treat rather – the sumptuous Reindeer Hot Chocolate Mix  presented in a decorative container. While it surely deepens the love, it is a wonderful food gift that can be shared between teachers, friends, neighbours and of course, your family.


Homemade Food Baskets can prove to be a touching gesture when it comes to Christmas gifts for families across India. Bake cookies or pastries or make some homemade chocolates and put them in baskets. To give a crafted personalised touch, handmade cards can be added to the gift basket.Christmas BASKETHandmade Portraits doesn’t mean you belong to an exclusive breed. It means you belong to the fraternity that likes to put a little more creativity in terms of sketching and drawing skills. Decide upon the face(s) who you want to wish Merry Christmas. Then simply hand paint or sketch it closely on a drawing sheet in poster size. Send Christmas wishes in this uniquely personalised way by adding a message on the back of the sketch who you wish to dedicate it to. And voila! Its done.

Women are always seeking exclusivity that will add a touch of elegance to their attire. An Indo-western sequenced batwa or clutch is one such designer looking and inexpensive buy. Colours of red and glitters are very much in demand during Christmas time. So paint your nails and wait for the colour to semi-dry and then sprinkle glitter powder. You can mix different colours of these in a bowl and sprinkle them for a multi-coloured effect.

A Santa is no Santa without the famous stocking brimming with candies and little knick knacks. Hang on the stocking on to your door or gift it to your tiny tots filled with games and thoughtful messages pasted on stickers and they will cherish it for life.

3891_Golden-candle-in-shape-of-a-Christmas-ball-HD-wallpaperFinally, the golden colored glitter on Red Cylindrical candles  is a customary and pocket-friendly way to celebrate the spirit of Uncle Santa. Frosted Sparkle candles can add a soft meaning to the decor. Websites like Ferns & Petals bring wonderful gifting options comprising of a combo pack of ball candles and home-made chocolates.

CHGWD1400If you want to go wild with imagination, wrap a muffler around the Penguins, if not dear Santa, and feed them with some brownie-filled Christmas trees. Wishing you a mad, silly and caring Christmas!

 Dealstan Wishes you all a Merry Christmas!!!

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