Active Baby Pants Pampers at Flat 25% OFF from Amazon India

Sowmya Nair

Most mothers would agree than Pampers have been a blessing. A blessing that’s made for their other blessing, their little one. If not for Pampers imagine all those rashes, discomfort and never-ending cleaning. Active Baby Pants Pampers are a step ahead of others – no more pinning up, figuring out which goes where. Active Baby Pants Pampers can be worn like pants and hence no effort needed to make your little one wear or remove it. There are various other baby friendly features like the soft elastic that doesn’t leave marks, extra dry sheets and soft cotton material to prevent diaper rash. Buy Active Baby Pants Pampers from Amazon India at a massive flat 25% off. That’s happiness for both parents and babies!

How to buy Active Baby Pants Pampers at Flat 25% OFF:

  1. Buy Active Baby Pants Pampers from
  2. Pick a product of your choice and click BUY NOW.
  3. NO Amazon India coupon code is required to avail flat 25% discount.

Some of the Best Sellers:

Pampers Active Baby Small Size Diapers (46 Count) @ Rs 550 Rs 440

Pampers Active Small sizePampers New Baby Diapers (24 Count) @ Rs 275 Rs 230

Pampers New Baby DiapersPampers Large Size Diapers (60 Count) – Offer Pack at Rs 635   Rs 575

Pampers Large Size Diapers 60 CountPampers Medium Size Diapers (66 Count) – Offer Pack at Rs 610   Rs 580

Pampers Medium SzePampers Large Size Diaper Pants (36 Count) at Rs 475 Rs 400

Pampers Large Size Diaper PantsPampers Active Baby Medium Size Diapers (90 count) at Rs 1137   Rs 1100

Pampers Active Baby Medium Size DiapersPampers Active Baby Large Size Diapers (50 Count) at Rs 795     Rs 614

Pampers Active Large

Product Description:

Pampers – Active Baby Pants

  • Underwear-like design – Slim crotch shaped like an underwear to help your baby move freely
  • Soft waist stretch – Pampers soft stretch material to help prevent pressure marking
  • Soft cotton-like outer cover – Soft touch with great breath-ability to help prevent diaper rash
  • Extra-locking layer – Helps lock away wetness to keep baby dry

About Pampers:
For more than 50 years, Pampers has been inspired by babies. Learn about how one man’s idea for a disposable diaper changed the lives of babies around the world. Victor Mills an American chemical engineer working at Procter & Gamble Co., revolutionized child care with the invention of the disposable diaper. Pampers brand is owned by P&G which has won accolades of being consistent #1 ranking within industry on “Most Admired” list for 25 of 26 total years and for 13 years in a row.

4 Responses to “Active Baby Pants Pampers at Flat 25% OFF from Amazon India”

  1. I’m going to choose up a pkg tomorrow (very first time struggling them because Swaddlers). My daughter has usually been inside Huggies small movers. Simply thinking what the difference is between these 2 kinds of pampers. Thanks!!

  2. I am 8 months expecting, plus I was merely provided 500 size 1 Pampers Swaddlers provided to me, what are the possibilities which I can really employ which countless before my daughter moves as much as size 2?

  3. Sita Mala

    Most of the time I buy Pampers from babyoye, they bring good deals on time. Last time firstcry delived these just befor the days they were about to expire.
    Thank you dealstan for informing about Amazon offering pampers.

  4. Shruti

    Active Baby Pants Pampers at available at good price from Amazon.
    I love these pants for my baby. They keep him healthy 🙂


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Active Baby Pants Pampers
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