Adidas EDT Perfume 100 ML at Lowest Price for Rs 199 from Tradus

Sonali Singh

Perfumes enhance the beauty and aura all the more. Now garnish yourselves with most exotic scents brought to you by Adidas. Adidas is a company that is very much dedicated to produce sports accessories, shoes, clothing etc. Also producing the best of fragrances, it this time launches the Adidas EDT Perfume at the lowest price. Showcased on, the Adidas perfume is just for Rs 199/-. The most delicious and naughty scent is sure to take your breaths away.Check out the details and get the perfume now.

How to get the Adidas EDT Perfume?

  1. Shop to get the Adidas Perfume on
  2. Apply the coupon code: MFLAT200 to get discount.
  3. Click on BUY NOW.

Adidas EDT Perfume

The spicy and saucy aroma of the perfume is very luring. The casual wear recommended perfume is a blend of citrus, greens and amber. The EDT comes in four varied tastes. The Adidas Ice Dive Perfume, the Adidas Pure Game Perfume, Adidas Team Force Perfume and the Adidas Victory League Perfume. The ice Dive being the naughty one is refreshing chiller. Wearable all day, it is the perfect pick in scorching summers. The splash of freshness will leave you enchanted throughout. The pure game perfume is also a citrus variant but coupled with basil and pepper.

It reveals the masculinity and the virility. The pure game from the house of Adidas will splash both freshness and warmth at the same time. And whole of this will leave you ambivalent and naughty. Get the very vibrant man out in you. Now the team force perfume is a grand and different one. Being the winner of the FIFI award in the year 2000, it is a Juniper berry and grapefruit blend. The Victory League Adidas perfumes is player alike. Highly energetic and highly sporty. Wear this when you have to exhibit an unbeatable attitude.  Get the Adidas EDT Perfume 100ML at lowest price now.

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Rs 199