Adidas Mens Black Full Sleeves Tshirt now for Rs. 319 Only – Rediff


Black is a beauty. It stands out. Any day. Every wardrobe needs to have a black. Get the Adidas Mens Black full sleeves t-shirt from

How to buy the Adidas Mens black full sleeves Tshirt now for Rs.319 only:

  1. Go to Adidas mens black full sleeves tshirt.
  2. Use coupon code GET150.
  3. Click on Add to Cart.

Adidas mens black full sleeves tshirtis available for as low as Rs.399. It is available in the market for Rs.1199. Yes, you get an incredible discount here. Adidas mens black full sleeves tshirt works for you in all ways. You can wear it to a movie or to the gym. You can also wear it to casual hanging out with your friends. Adidas mens black full sleeves tshirt looks cool on anyone. Its round collar and full sleeves go well with anything. Pair it up with funky shorts, a pair of jeans or a track pant. Adidas is a brand of first class quality. So, one need not worry about how long will the shirt last. It lasts long. Really long. Irrespective of the number of washes. Adidas mens black full sleeves tshirt gives a trendy look. Irrespective of whoever is wearing it. This t-shirt gives good shape to the body. Anyone would look perfect. Also, black makes one look thin. So, the slightly plump guys can have no problem too. After all, it is adidas. A brand to have. A brand to purchase. no second thoughts needed. The product gets delivered in 7 working days. Hurry up. Happy shopping!



Basics are the building blocks of any wardrobe.It provides a range in beautiful colors and fabrics. Wear it under jackets or just with a pair of distressed jeans and high-top sneakers for a trendy urban look.
57% Cotton 38% Polyester 5% Lycra.
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