Adidas Sports Deodorants 3 Pack at 24% Off – Rs.399/-


Do you perspire a lot? Are all your deodorants just flavored gases? Do not worry. Adidas sports deodorants 3 pack gives you the best of deodorants at the very best of prices. It is said that an average person perspires almost 6 litres on a regular basis. Imagine the amount of body odor it causes!  Deodorants are indeed necessary. No matter if you are a sportsperson or not. Adidas Sports Deodorants 3 pack gives you a long term solution to body odor. What if you had to go to a date after work and have no time in between? Deodorants come handy at times like these. Adidas Sports Deodorants 3 pack decrease body odor and give a fresh feel to a tired body.  Adidas Sports Deodorants 3 pack gives you a long lasting protection from body odor that arises due to perspiration. Beat the heat throughout the year with Adidas sports Deodorants 3 pack. You can get Adidas Sports Deodorants 3 pack with 24% discount  at Rs.525 ,  Rs.399 only. Follow the instructions below and use the GV code ADD111  for an odor free body and a long lasting deodorant. Adidas Sports deodorants 3 pack comes with five exciting fragrances to choose from and gives you the best at an affordable price.  Adidas Sports Deodorants 3 pack isn`t just any other flavored gas. It is a 150 ml spray that lasts really long. Choose from a wide variety of Dynamic Pulse, Ice Dive, Team force, Intense touch and Victory League.


Adidas Sports Deodorants 3 packHow to buy Adidas Sports Deodorants 3 Pack at 24% off:

  1. Go to
  2.  Click on ‘Please Select Option’ and choose one among 5 options of different flavors given in the drop down menu.
  3. Click on BUY NOW
  4.  Use GV code: ‘ADD111’ while payment, to get the discounted price.

Product Description:

  • Company: Adidas
  • Content : Adidas Sports Deodorants 3 Pack
  • Gender : Men
  • Volume : 150 ML
  • 5 Options available

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