Jump to the occasion and get out with all you’ve got and dazzle people all around with these cool ADIDAS WHITE SPORTS SHOES FOR MEN. Perfect for multiple occasions, from being out for a game of tennis , to hanging out with friends at a nearby barista, you can put these super-slick looking pair on and get the cool look going.. Extremely comfortable and great looking with the whites these sneakers sport, you can get these superb par of ADIDAS WHITE SPORTS SHOES FOR MEN at myntra for an amazing discount of 20 %. Available at normal market price of Rs. 3099, myntra offers you this awesome shoes for just Rs. 2479. Available in one more color if you want, get these and you can forget the troubles of owning different shoes for sports on weekends and going out with friends.


How to get ADIDAS WHITE SPORTS SHOES FOR MEN at RS 2479 – 20% off:

  1. Get the  Adidas white sports shoes for men at Rs. 2479.
  2. Go to buy now and proceed to payment and delivery options.
  3. Get additional 20% on all orders above Rs 999. Use Myntra coupon code STYLE.
  4. Offer valid on 24th and 25th June 2013.

Select styles excluded.

Product Description

Sharing the simple look and feel of the archival table tennis and plimsoll shoe, the Advent shoe from Adidas blends the retro and modern to create comfortable and stylish footwear perfect for sport.

Synthetic leather upper for supple comfort.
Lace-up for a snug, customized Fit.
Padded collar for optimum fit.
Textile inner lining with a cushioned foot bed for all-day comfort.

Mid sole
Moulded mid sole detailing for style.

Out sole
Vulcanized rubber out sole with herringbone grooves for absolute grip and traction.

Shoe care
Wipe surface with a dry, clean cloth to remove dust.
Use a branded leather conditioner if necessary.
Do not store in direct sunlight.

5 Responses to “ADIDAS WHITE SPORTS SHOES FOR MEN at RS 2479 – 20% off”

  1. Durgeswar

    I saw a picture on a shoe box with an Adidas ad on it. It was a sports star and it said “having a bad game is nothing, having a bad season is something, how you bounce back is everything”. Just wondering where I can find the Adidas ad pictures like this one?

  2. The Hood is A Dark teal Adidas,White jeans, and i’m just trying to get some shoes to go With if you know what i mean.

  3. Agniprava

    I was searching at jerseys plus the reebok jerseys are cheaper than the adidas jersey. They were both swingman however, what exactly is the difference? Is adidas the brand-new firm to create jerseys for the nba?


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