Advik AD KB3359BK USB Keyboard with 1 year Warranty for Rs 249

Sowmya Nair

When you have a headache everyday at work, a generous feeling of irritation while you’re working, probably the reason is what you have never thought of. Your keyboard! A good keyboard can save you a lot of headache than you think. If you are in a job that involves a lot of typing, maybe you should consider giving adequate attention to your keyboard. Advik AD KB3359BK USB Keyboard is a keyboard that’s sure to keep you stress free. This keyboard works well on Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Buy Advik AD KB3359BK USB Keyboard  for Rs 249 from You get a durable keyboard with 1 year Warranty and a typing-noise-free experience.

How to buy Advik AD KB3359BK USB Keyboard from

Advik AD-KB3359BK-USB Keyboard

  1. Buy Advik AD KB3359BK USB Keyboard  from
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Apply coupon code KYBD101 to get this for Rs 249

Does it work well? Are you able to type without exerting yourself? Can be connected to your laptop or desktop through USB port. Advik AD KB3359BK USB Keyboard sports an ergonomic design and hence works really well for your hands. This is a full size keyboard with 104 Keys, with multimedia options. And if you and your colleagues are tired of your noisy keys, think no more. Buy this keyboard with whisper-quiet keys and save yourself and other a lot of irritating typing sound!

Concentrate on the little things that cause big trouble. Doing this will help you solve trouble before it grows bigger. Give your hands the stress-free typing experience they deserve. Pick this ergonomic keyboard! Wait no more

Product Description:

  • System Type : 98/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Interface : USB
  • Design Style : Ergonomic
  • Total Number of keys : 104 Keys
  • Full Size,Durable,Multimedia Desktop
  • Whisper-quiet keys

One Response to “Advik AD KB3359BK USB Keyboard with 1 year Warranty for Rs 249”

  1. Agniprava

    I newly purchased a hot USB keyboard plus installed it effectively. It may kind on it without any difficulties. However whenever I turn on my computer with just the USB keyboard plugged inside, it informs me a keyboard is not detected, plus makes me switch off the comp. I have to connect my aged keyboard which links to the back of my processor with a purple plug for the computer to function.

    Is there a technique for me to turn on my computer with just the USB keyboard plugged inside? I’m very sure the keyboard is known by my computer.
    I have a Saitek Eclipse, that doesn’t want any motorists. My computer is 7 years aged, is the fact that older enough for it to not know USB keyboards?


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