Affordable Red Tape Casual Shoes from Myntra at Extra Discount-Rs 1795

Sonali Singh

Footwear they say, makes a man. And a man is known by his shoes. Anywhere you go, shoes leave an impression. When you walk the business lobbies, your formal shoes should talk class. When you lounge in your house, the funk and comfort is the idea. Well to pamper your feet and give you a splash of vogue, Myntra showcases this gradation of casual shoes. When you take a casual stroll. When you go on a date. When you go holding shopping bags for your girlfriend. When you have to rock a party. Or even when you slouch around in your den. These casual flaunts are just the catches. Bringing to you affordable red tape casual shoes at huge discounts. Check details now to get these casual shoes.

How to get affordable red tape casual shoes?

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  3. Browse, pick and click on BUY NOW.

Some Recommendations:

Red Tape Men Brown Leather Casual Shoes Rs 2795/- These red tape casual shoes are just your wardrobe make. Indispensable to be worn with your jeans and tees. Leather textured and stitched in details.

red tape casual shoes 1

Red Tape Men Brown Leather Casual Shoes Rs 2695/- These leather shoes exhibit super rugged look. These are highly recommended to be worn with polo tees and jeans.

red tape casual shoes 2

Red Tape Men Brown Casual Leather Shoes Rs 2,995/- The la mode casual shoes gives a sheer stylishly enhanced look. These square toed shoes have soft foot bed.

red tape casual shoes 3

Red Tape Men Brown Leather Casual Shoes Rs 2,895/- These coffee brown colored casual shoes give you a cool dude off look. These are customized to give you a jazzy look.

red tape casual shoes 4

Red Tape Men Blue leather Casual Shoes Rs 2456/- These casual blue shoes will create that rippling effect. Adorn these with jeans and tees.

red tape casual shoes 5

Red Tape Men Brown Leather Casual Shoes Rs 1797/-

red tape casual shoes 6

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Rs 2995
Rs 1795