Alive Perfume for Men now Price at Rs 1299 from Jabong- 28% OFF

Fatima Ansari

The importance of smelling good cannot be denied. Be it for a casual day out , for a formal evening date or just for your own satisfaction, to smell good is self pleasing and not just a luxury. And when a stud like Arjun Rampal comes out with his own fragrance line, no man can resist owning it. Now you can own this opulent Arjun Rampal’s ‘Alive’ perfume for men price at just INR 1299/- only on

The actual price of Alive perfume for men price is nothing less than INR 1800/-. You save INR 501/-on this masculine fragrance. Alive by Arjun Rampal has aquatic notes and a slight hint of pepper making the fragrance strong at the same time extremely sensuous. Signature perfumes of your favorite celeb is a must have in every guy’s closet, so don’t miss out on this one. Make a style statement with this perfume by just wearing it an entering into a room, and you are sure to turn heads. Perfume for men price on Alive is the best price at a 28% discount is the best price at which you can purchase this eccentric perfume.

How to buy Alive Perfume for Men Price at Rs 1299 – 28% OFF?

  1. Go to buy Alive Perfume for Men Price at Rs 1299 .
  2. Select size and add to cart.
  3. Click on order now.

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