Alloy Radio Control Helicopter With Charger at Rs. 558 – 60% off!

Sowmya Nair

Ready for some real fun? How about flying a helicopter? You are now excited, we hope. If you love the thrill of be in charge of a helicopter, this is the thing for you. This is an alloy structure helicopter which can be controlled using a remote. This is no toy. You can fly this alloy radio control Helicopter for up to 30 feet and above smoothly. As a kid I always wanted this kinda toy it did excite me a lot, controlling a flying Radio Controlled Helicopter but darn they were expensive back then. Well not anymore with this amazing offer we make it so much affordable and the fun is endless like you would have known.

Buy Alloy Radio Control Helicopter With Charger at Rs. 558:

Radio Control Helicopter

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Buy Alloy Radio Control Helicopter With Charger at Rs. 558 from ShopClues. At 60% off this is a small price to pay for a whole lot of fun! High high high, fly so high! This Remote Controlled Helicopter Comes with Infrared Connectivity. This is suitable for indoor or outdoor flight and you will amazed at its intelligence. Far superior than any other miniature device you know of. The Helicopter’s speed can be adjusted as per requirement. Take fun to a higher level with this Alloy Radio Control Helicopter. Don’t settle for anything less when sky is your limit!

Product Description:

  • Alloy Structure Radio Control Helicopter With Charger
  • 2-Channel Infrared Controlled High-End Metal Structure Helicopter With Wireless Remote Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Flight.
  • Intelligent Balanced – System.
  • Accurate & Adjustable Speed.
  • Sparkling & Chromatic Light.
  • Steel Shockproof Structure.

Contents : 1 Helicopter 1 Remote Control

Features :

  • Fly Up To 30 Feet & Above Smoothly
  • This Remote Controlled Helicopter Comes With Infrared Connectivity With Remote.
  • It Gives Better Range, And Connectivity.
  • In Built Lights Are Present And Blinks At The Time Of Fly.
  • This Helicopter Made Of Steel & Plastic body.

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  1. would like to learn what tools are necessary for the hobby, how big will model helicopters receive, is there a remote controlled twin hughie helicopter, plus when there is a twin turbo hughie, dosage it sound synonymous to the real helicopter?


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