Aluminum Metal Credit Card Case Box for Rs.150. Save Rs 340!

Sowmya Nair

How many cards have you destroyed by mistake? We mean, by trying to somehow fit your credit/debit cards, membership cards, etc., into your wallet! Most of us have the habit of being careless with our cards and repenting once they chip off at the edges. Even more embarrassing is when you pay for your dinner date with a card and it simply refuses to work! Remember all the shoving-inside-the-wallet moments? Refrain from wanting a new card issued every 6 months. Buy this Aluminum Metal Credit Card Case and store your cards just as new!

How to buy Aluminum Metal Credit Card Case Box for Rs.150:

Aluminum Metal Credit Card Case

  1. Buy Aluminum Credit Card Case from AdexMart
  2. Click on BUY NOW to get this for Rs. 150
  3. No AdexMart coupon code is applicable

This Aluminum Metal Credit Card Case is safe and handy. The elegant design will make you want to flaunt your case now and then. The Metal Credit Card case has 6 expandable pockets that helps you sort your cards as required. The click button is easy to open and close.

Buy Aluminum Metal Credit Card Wallet Case Box for Rs.150 from AdexMart. Save Rs. 340. Save your cards, flaunt your case!

Product Description:

  • Aluminum metal prevents hacking or accidental reading of your contactless payment cards and protects cards from demagnetization damages
  • Designed for money, business card, credit card, ID card, and any other cards.
  • Elegant design and makes your business life convenient and effective!
  • 6 expandable pockets;
  • Aluminum outer shell
  • Click button for easy opening and closing

One Response to “Aluminum Metal Credit Card Case Box for Rs.150. Save Rs 340!”

  1. Deenabandhu

    I just bought a gorgeous new wallet. The only problem is the inside is vinyl and my credit cards stick, making it EXTREMELY hard to take them out. I love my new wallet, so I’m hoping there’s a solution to this problem! Thanks!


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