Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover at just Rs 2399 – Best Price

Deepika Dewan

Owning a Kindle may be the next in the wish list for those on the move who have very little space to carry thick sized Paperback books. But the thought of shielding this expensive device from any damage might be a dampener. Fear not as presents Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover. Just enclose your device with the thin and lightweight Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Cover and lose yourself in reading. The durable cover is made of genuine leather and secures your Kindle Paperwhite without any kind of straps or hinges on the front. With a form-fitting design, the nylon interior holds the device in place and lets you enjoy reading to the fullest. Open it to read your favourite thriller and close it to put your Paperwhite to sleep. Coming at a sensational price, its hard to miss this portable cover.

How to buy Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover?

  • Click on the link here.
  • Choose the product color of your choice.
  • Add to Cart.
  • Or combine with other products and proceed to payment.

Amazon Kindle
Thin, lightweight, and sturdy, the Amazon Leather Cover is perfect for taking Kindle Paperwhite wherever you go. A magnetic clasp is all it takes for the cover to keep the Kindle well-guarded. When you have finished enjoying your read, simply close the cover. The unique cover automatically puts your Kindle Paperwhite to sleep when it is closed and wakes your device upon opening making it so easy to get back to uninterrupted reading. Moreover, the Amazon Leather cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand.

Easy to hold that folds back all the way, anti slip finish, good protection, automatic on/off function, here’s a toast to the extremely functional addictive in Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover.


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Rs 2399