Amazon unPlug Solar Backpack at Rs 4500 – Charge your Devices on the Go!

Deepika Dewan

Did you ever imagine a backpack that converts sunlight into electricity? And that it charges mobile phones, mp3 player or any USB-based device. brings the revolutionary and the futuristic unPlug Solar Backpack at Rs 4500. It has an innovative Solar Fabric that converts light into Electricity, and charges built-in battery. You can charge all mobile phones, bluetooth devices, mp3 player in a unique exciting way since it boasts of an in-built 2200mAh battery that can store the Solar Energy.

The unPlug Solar Backpack also functions as battery back-up and therefore stores sufficient charge that can power your phone 1.5 times over as compared to the ordinary ways of charging. Compact in design and big in capacity, the light-weight unPlug Solar Backpack is meant for the daily commuter. It also expands to double up as overnight travel. The best part about it is that its’s water-resistant and rain-protected. Come pick this extraordinary piece of technology and see how the Solar Backpack from unplug shows you the meaning of innovation.

How to get unPlug Solar Backpack at Rs 4500?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select the unPlug Solar Backpack.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

unPlug Solar Backpack Black – Rs 4999 Rs 4500

unPlug Solar Backpack Beige

This unPlug backpack can accommodate up to 15″ laptops and other gadgets and uses 3W solar Fabric to charge your devices.

unPlug Solar Backpack Beige

unPlug Solar Backpack Black - Rs 4999

This backpack version from unPlug comes with a wide range of mobile phone connectors for various models. The in-built battery can also be charged from a laptop or AC.

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Rs 4999
Rs 4500