Ambrane AB-1210 Laptop Bag from Bindaaslo at just Rs 379 – Best Price


Buy the Ambrane AB-1210 Laptop Bag from Bindaaslo and carry your laptop with ease. Laptop bags have become very essential in our day to day lives and there are a wide variety of bags available. The first priority while buying a laptop bag is to see if the bag is water proof and how well padded  it is. With this bag you can be assures that your laptop will be safe from accidental spills of liquids. It is well padded and hence will protect your laptop from shocks and falls. The bag is big enough to carry your laptop and all its accessories like mouse, keyboard, cables, etc. The bag is black in colour and is available in Bindaaslo at just Rs. 379.

How to buy Ambrane AB-1210 Laptop Bag from Bindaaslo:

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Proceed to payment.

Ambrane AB-1210 Laptop Bag from Bindaaslo

Key Features:

  • WEIGHT 0.7000.
  • BRAND Ambrane.
  • WARRANTY Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year.
  • MATERIAL Polyster.
  • COLOR Black.

About backpacks:

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Rs. 899
Rs. 379