Ambrane AC 770 Tablet Upto 32GB Expandable at Rs. 4799 Only

Sowmya Nair

Why carry heavy laptops when you can do all of it on a tablet? Ambrane AC 770 Tablet is here to make you very happy. Why? When you get superior performance at truly affordable price wouldn’t you be happy? Most of us have been wanting a tablet for a long time now. But huge price tags are never an encouragement factor. Well, worry no more!

Buy Ambrane AC 770 Tablet from at 47% off and take home a smart convenient device. Browse, read, watch movies, listen to music, click pictures.. Do your thing. At a price that’s simply too cool!

How to buy Ambrane AC 770 Tablet at Rs. 4799:

Ambrane AC-770 Tablet

  1. Buy Ambrane AC 770 Tablet from
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Apply coupon code AMBTAB1200 to get this for Rs. 4799

Ambrane AC 770 Tablet is available for just Rs. 4799. That much lesser than even a smartphone. Think no more. The 7inch capacitive touch screen is great for the price you pay and memory can be expanded to upto 32 GB. This tablet has a 1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor which results in high speed. Ambrane AC 770 also supports 2G voice calling. And let’s not forget its got Wi-fit as well. The 2.0MP Camera is good enough to capture memories!

A good tablet is not just a sign of class, but it also takes convenience to a different level. This Ambrane AC 770 tablet can your best travel buddy. Nothing like reading on a device that’s a lot more compact than a book. If you are in a wi-fi zone, you can browse all your want and also keep in touch with your friends!

Product Description:

  • 2.0 MP Camera
  • 7″ Capacitive Touch
  • Upto 32GB Expandable
  • 1.2 GHz Cortex A8
  • 2G Voice Calling

3 Responses to “Ambrane AC 770 Tablet Upto 32GB Expandable at Rs. 4799 Only”

  1. Ankit

    What is the best tablet based out on the ideal compromise of screen size plus resolution, expandable memory, standard, processor speed etc. And should fit inside my suit pocket. Thank! (Please leave out Ipads/Iphones)

    • Samsung galaxy tab3 with wifi, Now a days ambrane tablets are also recommended a lot. I got one for my cousin last month from snapdeal. ( with 3g/wifi ) that time i got additional discount fro the snapdeal electronics discount sale

  2. Basdev

    I want a tablet which reproduces my hand drawing with fidelity i don’t care regarding different stuff.
    Thank we.


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