Ambrane Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo Deals Rs 634 Only


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How to buy Ambrane Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo deals Rs 634 Only

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Wireless keyboard and mouse combo deals consist of mousecombines a slim, comfortable keyboard and optical mouse to deliver all the features you need.It is featuredwith quality and reliability with style.There will be free space on your desktop as it will reduce all wires from desktop.You dont need any software to install it.The mouse without wire can operate at a distance of 10 m which is good enough distance.We have used wireless technolgy for the Keyboard Connectivity.Talking about features of mouse,the mouse has scroll wheel and has Movement Resolution – 1000 dpi.So hurry up take the benefit of this deal as soon as possible.Buy Ambrane Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo Deals Rs 634 Only.


The Ambrane KB-W1 is a combo set of a wireless keyboard and mousecombines a slim, comfortable keyboard and optical mouse to deliver all the features you need with quality and reliability with style and wire free space on your desktop.The keyboard features a media console that lets you play and navigate through your tunes and internet browser controls for a great surfing experience. A curved design and wireless communication offer the ultimate mobility and precision. Plus, the mouse is designed for comfort and usability with sensor report range of 4800 times per second. With a Nano USB receiver and 2.4 GHz frequency with 360 degree distance range up to 10m, you can conveniently connect both the devices with the system using USB ports. Moreover, you could use this hardware with computers having Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/98/ Linux/ Mac OSX operating systems. The cordless feature indeed provides a tangle-free usage.No software or drivers is required to be installed to operate this Ambrane wireless keyboard and mouse.

Keyboard Features 

  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse.
  • Keyboard Wireless Operating Distance -10m.
  • Movement Detection – Optical.
  • Keyboard Host Interface – USB.
  • Keyboard Connectivity Technology – Wireless.

Mouse Features

  • Scroller Type – Scroll Wheel.
  • Movement Detection – Optical.
  • Movement Resolution – 1000 dpi.
  • Pointing Device Wireless Technology – Radio Frequency.

3 Responses to “Ambrane Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo Deals Rs 634 Only”

  1. Ramadeep

    Ok, dumb query here. I have a wireless keyboard. I’d like to employ it to sort on 2 different devices without to keep unplugging the usb recipient from 1 plus plugging it into the additional. Just thinking when you can take a couple usb wires plus splice the wires thus which the usb recipient is basically plugged into both devices simultaneously. Thanks for any help.
    Simply to explain, Both devices are connected to the same monitor, plus I won’t be utilizing both devices simultaneously at all.

  2. Saatatya

    I have an older PC which I’m considering converting to Ubuntu Linux. But, I’d like to employ a wireless keyboard plus mouse with this computer. Are there any brands with software which can function for this?

  3. I’m planning on getting a wireless network at my home along with a wireless keyboard/mouse combo. Obviously, the network operates at 2.4 GHz. Would there nevertheless be any interferences or anything that way with all of this equipment.


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