Ambrane Wireless Mouse MW-11 just at Rs 399 Only!


Imagine this, there are two ages, like two time periods. One of them has everything modern, wireless stuff and technology that will blow you away! Now consider the other age where people are still tangled between wires and don’t have 11MBPS of that download speed that the other age boasts of and they sit in the dark, tangled with the dismay of their wires denying them freedom from power sockets and ethernet jacks. But a bright light shines above them as now the wired age is about to go! Presenting the Amrane wireless mouse MW-11! And then surely God said, “Let their be light” and then there was! Those tears of joy will come again, read on!

How to get the Ambrane Wireless mouse MW-11 at just Rs. 399-

1. Get your Ambrane wireless mouse mw-11 from right here at a price of Rs. 399 ONLY!
2. Select the quantity of the dongle and click on ‘BUY NOW‘.
3. Enjoy a hassle free life without wires!

All the laptops now a days come with trackpad functionality built in. But what about your old desktop that still runs with the old wired mouse of yours? Yes that little nifty device that has helped you play as many games as you have wanted and helped you in completing as many documents as you have desired. That little thing is always a great option. But the only problem it was its wire that sometimes was too short to handle. Ergo, we have the Ambrane Wireless Mouse MW-11 that allows you to use your mouse hassle free! Life becomes wire free and never again you have to use your wired mouse! Playing games was never this fun as it is with the Ambrane Wireless Mouse MW-11 which you get at only RS. 399! Hurry Up!


  • Wireless
  • Scroller Type – Scroll Wheel
  • Movement Detection – Optical
  • Movement Resolution – 1000 dpi
  • Pointing Device Wireless Technology – Radio Frequency

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Ambrane Wireless Mouse MW-11