Amethyst Printed Double Bed sheets Set Combo Set Of 2 at Rs 625 – 55% OFF


What is the most important thing you need to have a good sleep. The bed sheets that you use are one of the major important factors that contribute for a good sleep. If the bed sheets are not comfortable you will always have a unsound sleep. This unsound sleep then disturbs your routine for the following day. Keeping this in mind Amethyst has put up a season offer of 55% discount on its Printed Double Bed Sheets combo pack of 2. This combo pack originally cost Rs. 1400 but after the discount of 55% you can now purchase it for only Rs.625. 


 How to buy Printed Double Bed Sheets:-

  1. Buy Amethyst Printed Double Bed Sheets.
  2. Roll over image for a larger view.
  3. Click on buy now.
  4. Proceed to payment.
  5. Make safe payment.
  6. If product not as per standard then you can avail of 30 days return policy.

Printed Double Bed Sheets from Amethyst costing only Rs.625 now is a set of 6 pieces. There are 2 bed sheets and 4 pillow covers. It is  multi color poly cotton material set. The length of the bed sheets is 239 cms and width is 218 cms. The width of the pillow covers is 68 cms and length of the pillow over is  45 cms. Treat yourself to our uncompromised finest double bedsheet providing fantastic softness without sacrificing durability. It will give a luxurious extra soft feel with gorgeous lustre and an elegant soft touch that caresses your skin. Designed especially for those looking for luxurious as well as eye-catching addition to their home decor, this double bed sheet set can add that extra elegant touch and style to brighten things up a notch. A perfect home furnishing piece, this will add serene vibes to your home. Now days double bed sheets each cost not less than Rs.700 but from Amethyst you are getting a combo pack of 2 that also at the cost of less than one bed sheet. So hurry, use this and make your sleep a sound sleep.


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  1. Salvador

    I like to purchase brand-new bed sheets yet have no idea which type to purchase. Silk , Egyptian cotton ,etc . What sheets have we found many comfortable?


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