Amkette Cruizer Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo Rs 1125

Sonali Singh

Technology with its new and latest impact on the world has made everything almost spoon-fed. From switching on a television to churning out tomatoes  in the grinders to getting your car’s door open, all just at the press of buttons. Following the same pace, Amkette has brought an innovative wireless desktop keyboard and mouse combo,to give you all the trouble-free and effortless usage of your PC, lying in your cozy couch. All this comes to you at an easy price of Rs 1125 an amazing discount of 19% .

How to get the Amkette Cruizer Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo?

Just cut down all the cobwebs and tangles of wires all around you, that makes your room cluttered and untidy. Get home today the Amkette Cruizer Wireless Desktop that is designed to give you all the tech and comfy feel. Equipped with  reliable and tested 2.4 GHz wireless solution,the Amkette Cruizer Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo uses the best of the technology.The Nano Receiver, that is highly compact and the cutting edge design of  it,provides instant connectivity without any interruptions.

The ultra-small receiver can be left connected to the USB port of a laptop with very little protruding out, making the Amkette Cruizer Wireless Desktop, a must have in your PC shelf. The Cruizer Keyboard has a standard lifespan of 10 million presses while the buttons have 30 million presses, which proves the smartness of the combo.The Amkette Cruizer Wireless Keyboard Desktop and Mouse, each require 2 AAA batteries to work. The battery level indicator lets you know when you have to replace the batteries with a pair of fresh ones. Also equipped with a manual on/off switch ,it enables multi-layered power saving system that helps conserve the battery and make them last longer. The Amkette Cruizer Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse, is a need today, when we are heading towards a yet newer dawn of technology.

Product Details:

  • Brand Amkette.
  • Color Black.
  • Model FSA325P.
  • Detailed description available with the product.

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  1. first Desktop is wired to printer plus wireless router. 2nd Desktop is completely wireless. I have established a network plus will receive online with my wireless desktop however, can’t print anything. I have gone into the control panel beneath printers of every computer plus checked “sharing”. What haven’t I done yet to establish a connection to the printer?


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