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Amkette Optimus Wireless Keyboard Combo which includes a USB wireless keyboard and mouse, which will work on most of the  devices which has a USB port, even on some of the Android tablets and smartphones which has the option of USB on the go. This compact piece is a space saving design keyboard. Thus easily fitting even into the small drawers that are in your computer table. This is available at the best combo price of keyboard and mouse at The saving mode helps to conserve the battery life of the keyboard. As we all know the battery life of the keyboard is the most essential thing.

How to buy Amkette Optimus Wireless Keyboard :-

  • Good purchase price on the amkette optimus wireless keyboard.
  • Click on add to cart and proceed to billing.
  • Use copon code SAVE250 for further more discount.
  • Make a total secure form of payment.

Price Comparison :

Amazon : Rs 1245 .

Snapdeal : Rs 1180.

Ebay : Rs 1150.

The complete package of the amkette optimus wireless keyboard and the mouse which are both essential for the use of your computer cost only Rs.949 here at Use the coupon code and get a further Rs.250 discount on the already discounted price of Rs.1199. This originally cost Rs.1475 but you can save a total of Rs.276 when you purchase from here and also on shipping cost. As shipping of this product from our site here is absolutely free without any hidden terms and conditions.

The amkette optimus wireless keyboard improves efficiency as it improves your typing speed with no strain on fingers at all. It is fully matte finished and the letters on the keys are like coated with some glossy material. The ‘Easy Auto Connect’ feature works very fine as expected. Just put the batteries on and plug in the nano receiver. One of the features that is really impressive is the auto standby mode which will automatically turn off the keyboard when the computer is shut down.

Product details:-

  1. Noiseless Keys.
  2. Precision scroll wheel.
  3. Auto standyby mode.
  4. battery light indicator.
  5. Total of 109 keys on it.

One Response to “Buy Amkette Optimus Wireless Keyboard @ Rs.949 Only – Rediff”

  1. Ahjaja Raghavan

    I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse on my desktop computer. They are not working. I cannot move the mouse and when I type, the keys on the keyboard does nothing. I tried new batteries but nothing. When I plugged a mouse into the USB port, it worked, but the keyboard didn’t (No surprise there!) How is Amkette Optimus Wireless Keyboard?


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Rs 1475
Rs 949