Apple iPad 2/3/4 Ultra Slim with Back Smart Cover Case Stand at Rs 425



Tired of the same white and black look of your iPad 2/3/4? Here is the solution. Buy the Back Smart Cover Case Stand for your Ipad that gives a new look plus adds a sense of comfort when you are handling it. Choose from a various options of colors like pink, white, grey, purple etc. This stand originally cost Rs.999 but is has been priced at only Rs.425 now. The added advantage of having a stand cover is the easy use of it while you are on video conferencing thus avoiding to hold it all the while in your hand till your call last.

How to buy Back Smart Cover Case Stand:-

  • Buy Back Smart Cover Case Stand for your iPad only for Rs.425.
  • Click on add to cart for multiple purchases.
  • Click on buy now if only this is to be purchased.
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Product shipped within 2 business days.

By using a Back Smart Cover Case Stand for your iPad you are not only giving it a trendy look but also protecting it from any physical damage as your iPad is quite valuable for you. Since this also includes a back cover so you do not need to buy it separately. Even if this case is put on your ipad you can easily access all your keys of the iPad. Not to forget to mention that it has a camera hole thus not obstructing you from clicking any photos and videos. There are also speaker holes thus not blocking the sound coming from your iPad whether it is music or any alert tone or any notifications etc. It has a magnetic cover that puts your iPad to sleep when you close the cover and instantly wakes up your iPad once the cover is opened thus making it a instant use for you.

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