Apple iPhone 4 32GB at Rs 18,505 from ebay India

Sonalee Sarkar

When we want to buy a mobile phone the first phone that click in most minds is the Apple iPhone but due to price tags that are on the higher side not many can afford it. But now solves your issue while it makes available for one and all the grand Apple iPhone 4 – 32 GB at the best possible price of only Rs.18505. This phone is a dreamed mobile phone for many of us but now you can I can reach to buy this phone with budgets that fix your pockets. Completely worth its value pack the Apple iPhone 4 is the need of today’s generation phone. A brand-new, unused and undamaged item at reasonable price.

How to get this Apple iPhone 4 32GB at discounted price of Rs 18,505?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Apple iPhone 4 32GB at Rs 18,505 from ebay India
The iPhone4 comes with one year manufacturer warranty. What marks this phone simply amazing besides its features is the very look of it. This mobile phone is sleek but definitely with much stronger front and back. I own one too and I have dropped it a number of times from a heught but it yet works absolutely fine. Reason is the aluminosilicate glass that is used by cars to make their wind shield that are strong and damage resistant to an extent. 

Product features:-

  • iOS 4 software.
  • From the best mobile phone manufacturerrs- Apple.
  • 32 GB internal memory.
  • 5 mp camera with 5x digital zoom.
  • Best smartphone one can own today.


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Rs 24500
Rs 18505