ARROW SPORT Navy Blue Knit Sweater for Men at RS 1349 – 50% OFF


Arrow Sport Navy Blue knit sweaters for men @ Rs 1349 50% OFF   A quality sweater that properly fits is one of the most flattering garments a man can wear.  It adds weight to a skinny physique and streamlines a large figure.


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Functionally Arrow Sport Navy Blue knit sweaters for men   it keeps you warm while style wise it can break up the monotonous wearing of dress shirts and slacks to the office. Yet most men know little about sweaters and even fewer take full advantage of all the styles and patterns available. But rather expose you to options you might not have considered so you can dress in a manner that best reflects your individuality. Sometimes you want a  sweater which looks cooler and  which can be worn directly on the skin with no irritation.

This Sweater color perfect for the situations in which a sweater can be worn.  Darker colors are typically seen as more formal and conservative,Simple solids are the most formal, with patterns, whether woven in or stitched, making the garment more casual. Knit is one of the most popular sweater patterns seen on men in the winter months; it’s visually distinctive thanks to its lines and colors. The trick to wearing a knit sweater successfully is to understand that the sweater’s pattern will be the center of your outfit.  Match it with simple items that do not compete with it; also, be aware it will be remembered and should only be worn a couple times a month.  Personally, I prefer to wear these sweaters a bit closer fitting to the body under a simple sport jacket.  Sportswear sweaters and jerseys, with their unique pattern identifiers, make these types of sweaters casual by affiliation.  Great for wear with jeans and suede bucks – not for a suit.

 Product Description

  • Material: 100% arcilyc.
  • Care: Professional Dry Clean Only.
  • Size: Regular Fit.

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