Best 15.6 inch Asus Laptop Backpack Rs. 448 from ShopClues

Sowmya Nair

This Best Asus Laptop Backpack is designed to look super cool even when stuffed. Very classy, elegant laptop backpack. Say no to oversized laptop backpacks. Say hello to this 15.6 inch Asus Laptop Backpack. The list price of this product is Rs. 1,499 and selling price is Rs. 1,009. But you have to pay only Rs. 448. Buy Best 15.6 inch Asus Laptop Backpack at an amazing 72% off!

How to buy Best 15.6 inch Asus Laptop Backpack Rs. 448:

Asus Laptop Backpack

  1. Buy Best Asus Laptop Backpack from Shopclues
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Use Shopclues coupon code SCAB24 and pay only Rs. 448

Tired of laptop bags that don’t last over a month? We understand you are frustrated. Don’t stress. Here’s a branded laptop bag that will last for a long time. 15.6 inch Asus Laptop Backpack is a good buy, given the brand Asus. This is a stylish, light weight design, tailored especially for people who are always on the move. What’s the point in buying a bag that’s too heavy even without anything in it? The main storage pouch is padded generously to ensure safety of your expensive laptop. Asus Laptop Backpack has enough additional storage pockets for you to carry all your essentials. No need to carry two different bags or stuff up pockets.

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Product Description:

Brand: Asus
Product Specification

Color: Black
Type: Backpack

What’s in a Box (?)

You will receive: Asus 15.6 inches Laptop Backpack black

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  1. Aagam

    Where is the best place to get a backpack with a harness from with the ladybird design. I’ve seen them around with little leads/leashes and a harness for kids but they are also working backpacks too.


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