Asus X55U-SX048D Laptop Price at Rs 17671 Only


If you are in search of a laptop which fulfills your basic and every day requirements of computing , then your search is over here . Order this Asus x55u-sx048d laptop which you can get just of Rs 17671 only . The asus laptop works on operating system DOS and also has a 2Gb ram along with 500 gb space for storage . lapi

How to buy Asus x55u-sx048d laptop price at Rs 17671 only:

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The asus x55u-sx048d laptop is an ideal choice if you want a laptop not for professional but just for the home purpose . the asus laptop has a DOS operating system and 2gb ram with the AMD dual core processor . It also has a super multi dvd drive with 500 gb storage capacity in which you can store multiple files , songs , games etc etc etc . It also has a graphic processor AMD Radeon HD 7340 Built-in E2-1800 (Dual Core) which helps in downloading games of high quality . You can easily have an access to internet . Also it has the usb ports along with vga and a card reader . You can have the video chats with your dear ones . Also , listen to those unlimited music . It is an ideal choice if you were looking for similar laptops . Moreover , the laptop has been priced at just Rs 17671..which can be easily affordable .  So , hurry up..make it fast.

Product Details:

  • Processor: AMD.
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR3.
  • Hard Drive: 500 GB.
  • Operating System : DOS.
  • Optical drive: super multi drive.
  • Audio : input mic , speakers.

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  1. I have a Asus Laptop with built inside wifi nevertheless I cannot identify any wireless connection. What might I do? Thank we for the answers.
    My wifi led is turn on by Fn + F2. I was connected before on the school however today whenever i purchased a router, i cannot know any wifi connection because then.


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