Baby Bath Towel and Brush From Yapaa | Flat 10% Off

Kajal Mehta has the relevant and employable deals and packages on baby products. All these items at very feasible rates. Prices that do not require a second thought before purchase. Baby Bath towel and brush at exclusive rates. Time for some eased out shopping for you. Yapaa makes the latest Baby Bath towel and brush available to you at very nominal prices.

How to buy the viable Baby Bath towel and brush:

  1. Go to Baby Bath towel and brush.
  2. Select from the assorted display of items.
  3. Use the Yapaa coupon code: OCTBBT10.
  4. Add to Cart.
  5. Free shipping.

How challenging is it to buy Baby Bath products? We know that it is a toilsome work. You have to test it numerous times to see if it suits your Baby’s soft and supple skin. Sometimes these Bath products also cause allergy. This is very irritating. this is when the quality of the product can be judged. Here, we ease your work. We do all the quality tests and bring to you the genuine products. You can blindly start to use them. Baby Bath towel and brush are of supreme quality.

Baby Bath towel and brush are of finest standard for your infant to use. The bath towel keeps your infants skin warm and comfortable. There are cute and colorful patterns that you can opt for. They can be washed in the washing machine. The Baby brush is specially designed with smooth teeth. This glides through your infants hair without any hassles. Incorporated with soft nylon bristles to get rid of the tangles. Perfect for daily hair care. baby store offers a huge range of above 25,000 Online baby products with new mom accessories products. Customer can make payment through different mode of Payment as Net Banking and Cash on Delivery with Free Shipping and BEST Customer Service!

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Rs 270
Rs 229.50