Bajaj Ceiling Fan Bahar Crest at Rs 1199 – Save Rs. 186


Everybody out there who’s planning to buy appliances for their homes check out the new Bajaj Ceiling Fan Bahar CrestThis amazing product from the reputable house of bajaj is available to you at an early bird discount of Rs. 186. So go order yours now. Read on to find out how


How to buy Bajaj Ceiling Fan Bahar Crest at Rs 1199 – Save Rs. 186:

It is that time of the year when newly weds plan to make their yearly sopping sprees and the summer takes a toll with all its might on you. Presenting the Bajaj Ceiling Fan Bahar Crest, the celing fan from the house of bajaj that will serve your purpose both in the market and at home. Get this ceiling fan for its superior design and quality that assures you greater wind development and speeds in your room with its better technology.

This cool keeping fan is available in an attractibe brown color that will go completely with the shades of your rooms walls. With a sweep of 1200 and a full speed of 380 rpm, this bajaj celing fan bahar crest if your saviour from the heat and your electricity bills. This energy saving ceiling fan ensures you have the comfort of better windy homes at a lower cost of electricity. And here’s the better part of the deal. You get a Rs. 186 off on this cool ceiling fan now. So hurry and order yours now, for the offer lasts till the stocks do!!

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  1. My ceiling fan lights are a bright blue plus I’d like them to black or chrome.


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