Bajaj Dry Iron New 750 Watts at Rs 475 Only – 34% OFF


Want to have crease free and crisp ironing done at home? Want your clothes to look like the same way like it looks when it comes from the laundry? Want to save money on unwanted clothes like your handkerchief, socks, home clothes from being ironed by the laundry man but at the same time get the same result when ironed at home? Now buy Bajaj Dry Iron that is stronger than other irons. You can use this iron to also iron your thick linens at home itself and not even drop a sweat while ironing. Buy this iron now at 34% discount that originally cost Rs.675 but now only for Rs 475.

 How to buy Bajaj Dry Iron:-

  1. Buy Bajaj Dry Iron now only for Rs 475.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Proceed to payment.
  4. Make safe payment.
  5. Product delivered in 7-8 business days.
  6. Get 2 years bajaj warranty free.
  7. Cash on delivery option available.

Bajaj Dry Iron is an extra light weight black in color iron. It has its own self cleaning feature which reduces your tension of maintaining it if you are a regular steam iron user. It also has a control temperature system where you just need to simply set the temperature for the required clothes you want to iron. This iron automatically switches off  and disconnects the current when there is some fault in the power supply thus preventing short circuit at home. A safe light weight laundry at your palm now for Rs 475 that originally cost Rs.675.

Bajaj Dry Iron features:-

The Bajaj New Light Weight Iron features instant heating technology that is specially implemented to save your time. This Bajaj Dry Iron has super clean surface finish for easy maintenance. The Bajaj New Light Weight Iron features adjustable thermostatic control to set variable temperatures for different kinds of fabric. Higher temperature can be set for clothes with stubborn creases and lower temperature for delicate materials.


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Rs 675
Rs 475