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Sonali Singh

Sudden and mind-boggling abrupt  power-cuts, when you sometimes do not even have an alternative, is no more a worry now. Torches running out of cells, often, and gets unavailable especially in those urgent needs of crisis. Throw them away and enlighten your lives with yet another smart back-up partner of yours, i.e. the Bajaj Emergency Light ELX 10, that comes to you at an extremely easy price of Rs 1075- discount of 37% off,  that will never leave you distressed in times of need.

How to get the Bajaj emergency Light ELX 10 at Rs 1075?

  1. Click to view the Bajaj Emergency Light.
  2. Click on BUY NOW!
  3. Use 10% off Promotion Code: INFI250.
  • Free sipping in India.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • 30 days replacement guarantee.
  • Shipping in 3-4 days.
  • All the products on the are 100% genuine.

Brought to you by, the Bajaj Emergency Light, is a back-up power that enlightens your house sufficiently and does not leave any corner in dark. Using 9W CFL, the Bajaj Emergency Light, produces a better beam of light and hence gives you better lumen output. The smart and sleek body of the super Bajaj Emergency Light, makes it easily portable and it also has a mirror reflector.

Equipped with 6V rechargeable battery, the Bajaj Emergency Light never runs out of the cells unlike the torches.It has a good duration of 3-4 hours, i.e it can provide light for up to good 3-4 hours, and gets charged easily when the light comes. Also equipped with a charging indicator, the Bajaj Emergency Light is a must have in your homes to be a great support when you need it the most.Also armored with a discharge and overcharge protection the Bajaj Emergency Light, is a safe and easy to use light.Comes with a charging chord, the light stand in a corner of your home and gets charged easily., also provides you a special mobile and DTH recharge , that gives you a 50% CASHBACK up to 50 Rs.

Product Details:

  • 9 W CFL for better lumen output.
  • Sleek super slim body.
  • Mirror reflector for 6V maintenance free rechargeable battery.
  • Discharge duration tube 3-4 hr.
  • Charging indicator.
  • Discharge and overcharge protection.
  • Charging cord provided.

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