Bajaj Immersion Water Heater 1500W at Cheapest Price of Rs. 330


Now you don’t need to keep boiling water for every bath you take in those chilly winter days. Avoid the cumbersome process of boiling water on your gas as it may result into accidents too. So cut some slack and sit back while your water bubbles into warmth and finally heat with Bajaj Immersion Water Heater from Rediff.It is available at a fabuluous price of Rs 340. This price is applicable after the coupon code : GET150.

How to buy Bajaj Immersion Water Heater?

  1. View the deal to buy Bajaj Immersion Water Heater .
  2. Click on ADD TO CART button.
  3. Fill in your details and Get Rs. 150 off on Rs. 399+ Coupon: GET150 by using the coupon.
  4. Place your order.

Bajaj is that Indian household brand whose introduction is no longer required. The trust and brand awareness about Bajaj among the masses is phenomenal. Bajaj Immersion Water Heater saves your time and is risk free. It is risky to use the conventional heating of water on gas while with Bajaj Immersion Water Heater is easier . You can just leave it in your bucket while you finish your other chores. But do make sure that the product is kept away from children. Any appliance related to heat emission and production is dangerous for children.

Put this Bajaj Immersion Water Heater into a bucket full of water, and just switch on the power. Wait till you find the water to be warm enough. Take it off the power once you are done. Please check the compatibility of power socket before use. Earthing is highly recommended. Dealstan which is one of the leading site in the field of providing best deals to its customers came with this deal on Bajaj Immersion Water Heater. This deal is definitely a win win situation for the buyer on every aspect whether it is price or the brand.So Hurry Up ! before the deal ends .


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  1. Ramadhuta

    I have watched immersion heaters for bird baths plus for heating water inside a mug for tea/coffee. Is there a synonymous 1 for bathrub to merely put inside a full tub plus have hot water because lengthy because we like it?
    Thanks Peter! Well, I reside inside a rented apartment, thus can’t add the recirculator, yet the fish tank heater sounds interesting. Can we tell much more about it?


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Bajaj Immersion Water Heater