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Sonali Singh

Often keep tussling with the juicer that you have been enduring since quite long. Extracting juice becomes a night-mare and even after toiling for hours, you do not get satisfied. Dash off your worries now. And get your kitchen a new companion. A companion that will ease all your efforts. Extracting juice will be a fun and and will happen at button-clicks. Bajaj Majesty JX Jar Juicer is brought to you by The high ability mixer is a smart piece that saves time and your efforts and gives you fresh juice whenever you need it. So buy Bajaj Majesty JX Jar mixer now.

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Mixer Grinder is no longer a luxury kitchen appliance now. It is something that every home needs one these days. Bajaj Majetsy JX mixer grinder is a perfect kitchen appliance to own. It is decked with advanced features and yet maintains an affordable price. Now you can work smartly in the kitchen with the smart appliance. You can prepare all your favorite recipes. Anything that requires squashing, mixing or grinding the ingredients happens snappily. Extracting juice, churning tomatoes, churning coriander or mint dips, or making ginger-garlic paste and what not? The Bajaj Majesty JX  4 Jar Mixer Juicer Grinder is your perfect companion.

Just use the smart jars that comes with the grinder and make an endless list of cuisines. Keeping your family healthy and saving a lot of time. Equipped with powerful 450 watts optimum speed motor, that supports all your churning and grinding well. It has 2 speed control with incher for momentary operation. Having an In-built pulp container, that does not let your slab get dirty and maintain cleanliness. Also armed with motor overload protector, that subsides the extra load on the motor. Comes with a spatula for easy removal of mix and changing of blades. Smart and sturdy blades help you get a fine paste. So, wait not to take away now the smart appliance for you kitchen.

Product Details:

  • Powerful 450 watts optimum speed motor.
  • 2 speed control with incher for momentary operation.
  • In-built pulp container.
  • Motor overload protector.
  • Spatula for easy removal of mix and changing of blades.
  • Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on motor.
  • Power: 450 watts.

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